Image by Austin Distel


What changes have you made in the work environment to welcome your team back to the office?


  • How will your workforce in the office be different? Will some team members continue to work from home? Will you stagger the staff in the office, or are you trying to accommodate full occupancy?


  • Does your plan include social distancing protocols - reducing capacity of meeting spaces, removing chairs from dining tables, or spacing out people at workstations?


  • Have screens been added to provide separation between workstations?


  • What visual signals and graphics are being used to encourage physical distancing?


All of these considerations result in spaces that look, feel, and function in a manner that is very different from what we're accustomed to.  There is an underlying stress associated with change and the knowledge that things are missing from a space.  It's important to give visual signals to counterbalance the aesthetics of a barren office.


We can help you develop a workplace design that addresses today's social distancing protocols while also providing a comfortable and pleasing environment.